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      Zhongyuan Machine Tool Manufacturing Co,.Ltd.








          公司建立了完善的市場服務體系,各項制度成熟,運用現代企業的管理方法,主要生產“雙元”牌QC12Y、 QC12K系列液壓、數控剪板機; ZYS系列電液伺服數控剪板機; WC67Y、WC67K系列液壓、數控折彎機,ZYB系列電液伺服數控折彎機,產品廣泛應用于裝潢、冶金、船舶、汽車、機械、軍工裝備、電器、鋼結構的專業生產領域。

          一直以來, 公司產品以精湛的技術、合理的價格、優良的品質及快捷的售后服務與技術支持得到了國內外客戶的肯定,產品暢銷全國二十多個省、市、區,并出口歐洲、非洲、東南亞及中東等國家和地區。


          Ma'anshan Zhongyuan Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is located in the Ma'anshan Expo area of the national iron and steel base, is an excellent enterprise in the national forging and pressing machinery industry. The sales and after-sales service network of the company is all over the large and medium cities throughout the country. The products are sold to all parts of the country, Southeast Asia and South America.

          The company has set up a perfect market service system, each system is mature and the management methods of modern enterprises are used, the main production of "dual" brand QC12Y, QC12K series hydraulic, CNC shearing machine, ZYS series electro-hydraulic servo CNC shearing machine, WC67Y, WC67K series hydraulic, numerical control bending machine, ZYB series electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, Products are widely used in decoration, metallurgy, ships, automobiles, machinery, military equipment, electrical appliances, steel structure professional production areas.

          All the time, the company's products have been confirmed by customers at home and abroad with excellent technology, reasonable price, good quality and quick after-sales service and technical support. The products are sold in more than 20 provinces, cities and regions in China and exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions.

          Our company will seize the opportunities, recruit talented talents, upgrade the competitiveness of products, speed up the development of enterprises, and provide better products and services for new and old customers.


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