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      Zhongyuan Machine Tool Manufacturing Co,.Ltd.



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      2.曲軸縱置, 結構緊湊,曲軸經高頻淬火后磨削處理,光潔度好,轉動靈活,矩形六面加長導軌,導向面青銅鑲板,導向精度高,氣動雙平衡缸,平衡滑塊和上模重量,降低沖擊和噪音,消除連桿與滑塊間隙,減少受力零件沖擊與磨損;


      4.滑塊、導軌、工作臺板、連桿、接套等關鍵件均采用樹脂砂鑄造,與一一般的粘土砂鑄造相比,改善表面粗糙度1~2級,提高尺寸精度2~ 3級;60T及以上噸位產品采用電動調節裝模高度;精品配置,關鍵件如氣動元件、電器元件、密封件、按鈕等均選用進口件;


      1. high quality steel welding fuselage, after tempering (or vibration aging), shot blasting, good rigidity and stable accuracy.

      2. crankshaft longitudinal, compact structure, crankshaft after high frequency quenching grinding treatment, good finish,

      flexible rotation, rectangular six face lengthwise guide, guide surface bronze paneling, high guidance precision, The pneumatic 

      double balance cylinder balances the weight of the slide block and the upper die, reduces impact and noise, eliminates the 

      clearance between the connecting rod and the slide block, and reduces the force zero.Impact and wear of parts;

      3. the whole machine is centralized controlled by imported PLC, and the imported gas safety valve is used to control the gas path.

      4. key parts, such as slide block, guide rail, working table, connecting rod, socket and other key parts, are cast with resin

      sand. Compared with a general clay sand casting, the surface roughness is improved 1~2 grade and the size accuracy is 

      2~ 3.60T and above tonnage products adopt electric adjusting die height; the key parts, such as pneumatic components, 

      electrical components, seals, buttons, etc., are imported.

      5. the dry or wet friction clutch can be selected. The hydraulic overload protection device or the collapse type insurance 

      device can be selected, and the automatic lubrication, photoelectric protection, frequency conversion speed regulation, 

      air blowing and so on can be selected according to the user's requirements.



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